welcome to my personal website or whatever

i blocked all social media websites on my browser and now all i am left with is this crappy website

THIS SITE IS A GARDEN!! somethings are broken. somethings are half finished. that is okay!


paint brush swiping with the words under construction


08 Feb 2023 -- Kinda fixed link bug on portraits page. Changed font to comic sans ;)

06 Feb -- Added nav bar to all pages

03 Feb -- Added a star trek page with some vintage gifs ;)

02 Feb 2023 -- Added links for picrews ( not all of them sadly )

01 Feb 2023 -- Filled out the picrew portraits

01 Feb 2023 -- Added a portraits page~

31 Jan 2023 -- Filled out the D&D section a lil bit

31 Jan 2023 -- Added placeholder links, reformated home page

17 Jan 2023 -- HELLO WORLD -- i just made this website!!